Family, Friends and Chili Cheese Fries

My great-grandmother used to say that the state of your life on New Year’s Eve was an indication of the rest of your year.

Her advice used to freak me out. I’d spend my last few days of each year racing around, cleaning out closets, doing crunches, Nairing my upper lip and vacuuming like a mad woman. Confident that if my house was messy, my lip was hairy or my closets were a mess – then they would be for the rest of the coming year.

So – looking at how I spent yesterday – here is how my 2014 is looking:

My hair will be unwashed.

I may not be blogging much (if the fact that I haven’t even gotten online once in the last week is any indication)

My upper lip will be hairy.

I will have gray hairs.

My toes will not be polished.

I will be living in a trailer park (more on that next week. LOTS more.)

My clothes will be wrinkled, my kids won’t have clean underwear, and my closets will barely close.

But there will be good things too…

I will spend my days lounging on the beach, eating chili cheese fries.

Whenever given the choice, I will choose to close my computer and spend time with my family.

There will be lots of smiles.

Lots of laughter.

And more sand pies than one woman can eat.

Oh – lots of time spent with this guy:

Even Steven in Stripes

Happy 2014 to you and yours!

(I seriously can’t wait to tell you about this trailer park!)

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6 thoughts on “Family, Friends and Chili Cheese Fries

  1. So my husband grew up in a trailer and it wasn’t really a park so much as his extended family all living in trailer on the same property… at any rate, I started teasing him when the Toby Keith Song “Trailerhood” came out about his trailerhood childhood and now our kids think that “Trailerhood” is a place, like Kansas City or San Francisco. Hilarious! Can’t wait to hear about your latest adventure. Happy New Year!

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