Fab Freebie from Fit With Brit

Fit with Brit’s marketing director, Liz, is here today to share a little about herself, Fit with Brit – and a great freebie for bloggers!

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m the Marketing Director for the amazing company, Fit with Brit. This is my first guest blog and I’m super excited!! (Good thing my hubby bought me a taser…I may need it after this)

I happened to come across My Life and Kids by accident on Facebook. Once I read Anna’s posts I was hooked!! After 3 hours of stalking her website one night my husband lovingly rolled over in bed and said, “Honey, it’s 1:30 am… think you can call it a night yet?”.

Being a stay-at-home mom to two kids, 13 months apart, I decided he had a point… I hate when that happens.

Like Anna, my life is hectic with wrangling two little ones, managing a household, doing marking for Fit with Brit from home and finding time to blog about it. Some days it seems impossible, and some days it is, but I guess that’s why my floors are sticky and my laundry is to the ceiling!

Before kids...notice how relaxed we look?

After 2 kids...notice the lack of relaxation??

So why am I here?

Well it’s your lucky day! Fit with Brit is offering you an awesome promotion!

We’re giving away FREE two-week memberships if you’d like to write a post about us on your blog and then link it back to our linky party right here on My Life and Kids! Pretty sweet, huh?

I myself am currently using Fit with Brit’s Home Health Club to get back into shape after popping my two kids out. You can follow my journey here.

So, what is Fit with Brit?

I’m glad you asked! Basically, we are an online Personal Trainer.

We upload three new exercise videos each week and then archive all the old workouts for clients to access anytime. We have a library of over 100 videos to choose from so you’ll NEVER be bored with the same old routine.

Brit, the company founder and trainer, encourages our clients to interact with her, so feel free to email us any questions/concerns/needs you may have.

Also, if you’re looking to target a specific area, Brit is more than happy to create a special workout just for you! The best part is, you get to experience all of this from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can do one of our cardio kickboxing classes without worrying about how ridiculous you look or that you’re interrupting others working out because they can’t stop staring at you (that was always my problem).

Fit with Brit's wonderful owners, Brit and Michael Shaddle. They rock!

We really hope that you’ll not only participate in this promotion, but that you’ll truly enjoy our site! Helping others lead a healthy lifestyle is our passion. Not to brag, but we think we’re pretty good at it, too.

How to Participate

Getting your free two-week membership to Fit with Brit is easy.

1. Email me (liz@fitwithbrit.com) to let me know you’d like to participate. I’ll send your login information over to you ASAP.

2. Write a blog post about Fit with Brit. It can be general information about the company, it can be about your experience using Fit with Brit – it can be pictures of your amazing abs after the two weeks are up… it’s up to you.

3. After you’ve published your post, come right back here and link it up! That’s right – bookmark this page – and come back here to link up your Fit with Brit post.

I’ll see you all back at the linky party! Until then, you can follow my fitness journey here and be sure to check Fit with Brit out!

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity, and to Anna for promoting it! I really enjoyed my workouts!!