Do You Like My Life and Kids?

Thanks, I like you too! And I need to ask you for a few favors…

See that sidebar over there on the right side of your screen? It lists lots of ways that you can like me…

You can sign up to become a follower. (Thanks to the eight of you that have already signed up.)

Scroll down a little bit, and you can click on that button to vote for My Life and Kids as a Top Mommy Blog. Or you can click on this link right here: That’s all you have to do – and you can do it every single day if you feel like it.

AND – there’s now an official My Life and Kids facebook page. Click here to view the page and “like” it in Facebook.

Oh – and if you have a blog – I now have a button! You can grab it from the sidebar or right here:

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Okay – that’s all I ask. Thank you and goodnight!

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