Women have been fake cleaning for ages. Now you can too. Learn how to fake clean your house.

How to Fake Clean, Cook and Iron

  After spilling my top-secret cleaning tip earlier this week, I was amazed at the comments I received. Women have been fake cleaning, fake cooking and even fake ironing for years! I just had to share some of my favorite tips that you shared in the comments: Fake Cooking If you happen to have a… Read More

20 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

When I was younger, I can remember asking my Mom, “Why do Moms get a special day? Why isn’t there a kids day?” Her reply? “You get the other 364 days, I get this one!” I am convinced being a parent is the hardest job out there, and Moms, I give you a round of… Read More

I forgot to feed my son breakfast

I forgot to feed my son breakfast

I will be the first to admit that our mornings are a little hectic around here. Somehow, back in the days of me working full-time, I managed to get myself up and dressed, get two toddlers up and dressed – and we would all be buckled into the car and heading for daycare and work… Read More

Dear Mom – You Could Have Done Better

Dear Mom, I was sitting here during naptime today thinking of all the ways that I have already failed as a mother… Like the time that I somehow missed the marker on the floor and Simon ate it. Or how I posted pictures online of Alice sitting on the potty. Or how when Alice isn’t… Read More

I gave my husband my underwear

The Night I Learned That I’m Not Sexy

You know how some people are really, really pretty – but they don’t know it? I had always assumed that’s how it was with me and overall sexiness. I figured I was probably crazy sexy, I just didn’t realize it – and no one had ever bothered to tell me because they figured that I… Read More


On the Blog This Week…

I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty exciting week. On Monday, my new couch from Ikea was delivered (after Even Steven refused to remove one last minivan seat to drive it home ourselves.) I spent the rest of the day trying to explain to the kids that this is the first piece… Read More

Don't be afraid of family pictures

Don’t be Afraid of Family Pictures

For the past six years, I’ve been absolutely terrified of having family pictures taken professionally. Seriously – terrified. I would watch all of my friends hiring photographers and coming home with the most amazing pictures of their family. I would feel envious. I would think about having pictures taken. And then I would chicken out… Read More

Happy Even Steven

What I learned at a Pure Romance party

So… I went to a Pure Romance party last weekend. For those of you that are not familiar with Pure Romance parties, it’s just like a tupperware party – but with high-end sex toys and “stuff”. Yes, I said sex toys. And there’s a lot more that I could say, but my mom reads this… Read More

Be a Rockstar Mom Online Parenting Courses that Work

An Answer for All of Your Parenting Problems

If you have little kids – or if you’re pregnant – pay attention. Because I’m about to solve most of the parenting problems you’ve ever had. Well, I’m not personally going to solve them. In fact, I’m pretty sure you should never take my parenting advice, especially since my 4-year-old said to me this morning,… Read More