Dear Mom – You Could Have Done Better

Dear Mom, I was sitting here during naptime today thinking of all the ways that I have already failed as a mother… Like the time that I somehow missed the marker on the floor and Simon ate it. Or how I posted pictures online of Alice sitting on the potty. Or how when Alice isn’t… Read More

My mom

My new profession

When my brother left the house for college, my mom replaced him with a dog. Ella was the sweetest Cocker Spaniel puppy on earth. So much better than my brother! My mom would heat towels in the dryer and rock Ella to sleep at night. Ella would go to school with my mom every day… Read More

My Mom at Biggby Coffee in Jackson Michigan

An Ugly Snowman and Parenting Advice

When I was 10 years old, my mom and I went to the local craft fair. My mom loved craft fairs. The smell of cinnamon and potpourri. The handcrafted goodies. The popcorn… I, on the otherhand, had a love-hate relationship with them. I loved the people and the smells and the popcorn too. But I… Read More

Helping mom drink at Biggby Coffee

My Mom (Still) Loves My Brother More Than Me

When we bought our house three years ago, Miles was 2, Alice was 1, and I immediately became pregnant with Simon. The house that we bought had been vacant for two years. Prior to that, a woman had smoked in it for 20 years. There was wallpaper everywhere. In the kitchen, in the dining room,… Read More

My Mom in Bed with Coffee

My Mom is Spoiled – and I Am Not

It’s often the case that my mom and my daughter FaceTime eachother in the mornings before Alice goes to preschool. It’s also often the case that my mom is still in bed during their morning conversation. Sometimes I listen in, but most of the time I’m busy getting the 2-year-old dressed or the 6-year-old on… Read More


A Letter from my Mother – About Camping

Dear Daughter, The next time you suggest a camping trip for the entire family – and you pick the place – the answer is no! Not maybe. Or, Oh that sounds like fun. Just. NO. Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time in the woods with the kids – once my heart recovered… Read More

My Mom is in Town

I Drive My Mother Nuts

I’m still recovering from my last week of camping and a stomach bug – not at the same time thankfully. I’m behind on the blog, but I thought this would be a good post to share with you today. I mean – seriously – the woman had Crisco in her camper! My mom is visiting… Read More

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! Today is my mom’s birthday. So I thought we should revisit a few of my favorite posts about my mom (and a few of the ones she hates.) But first – let me tell you about our weekend. I spent the last half of last week and the weekend back home in… Read More

Flaming Jesus

At the ripe old age of 21, I had my bachelorette party. My mom – never one to miss out on anything – volunteered to be our designated driver. Things were going well – there were matching T-shirts, lots of singing, lots of drinking… And then a pregnant bartender brought me a special shot. In… Read More