Frozen toys giveaway

Are your kids obsessed with Frozen too? Our kids are all about them, but the toys are next to impossible to find. Luckily, Stephanie from Binkies and Briefcases just so happened to be at Target at the exact same time that they were restocking the shelves and she scored an entire lot of toys from Disney’s Frozen. Yes, she even found an Elsa doll! Now she’s teaming with a group of bloggers to give them away. That’s $120 worth of toys, and we’re giving them all to one lucky winner.

elsa doll and frozen toys

What better way to cool off in July than with some Frozen treats?

One Grand Prize winner will receive:

One Color Change Elsa Doll

One Color Change Anna Doll

One set of toddler Anna and Elsa dolls

 And one Magical Lights Palace play set

 This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, ages 18 and up. No purchase necessary to win. Binkies and Briefcases is responsible for prize shipment. One winner will be notified via email and receive a prize package via US Mail. In the event the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. 

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We think dads are cool, so we’re teaming up with Boogie Wipes to give away some great gifts for dads.

Boogie Wipes Father's Day Giveaway - enter to win great gifts for dads, including an iPad Mini!

Three lucky dads will win a Daddy & Company camouflage backpack stuffed with a Cool Dads T-shirt, and Boogie Wipes, Kandoo and Dreft products.

And one grand prize winner will take home an iPad Mini.

We love you, dads!

Enter to Win

It’s simple to enter. Just complete the rafflecopter form below to have your name entered into the drawing. Giveaway ends at midnight on Father’s Day (June 15) – so enter now!

One grand prize winner will receive the iPad Mini and three additional winners will receive the backpacks. Winners will be be randomly chosen.

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Looking for more ways to celebrate Dad?

Visit the Boogie Wipes blog for fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day outside and fun crafts your kids can make for dads.

Boogie Wipes Blog Father's Day

A few months ago, I received an email from someone named Kelli – and the subject line immediately got my attention:

Wine Slushies Made me Have 4 Kids

I knew she was referencing my somewhat humorous and sarcastic post about why everyone (except me!) should have four kids. And as I started reading her email, I thought there was a very strong chance that we could totally be friends in real life.

Hi Anna,
One day, when I found out I was pregnant with my 4th kid, I googled “having
four kids” (cause that’s the kind of crap I do) in my absolute desperation
to find anyone out there who had indeed survived such a thing. I found
your blog and have loved it ever since. Of course, your post about 4 kids
did not really make me feel better about my situation – ha!

Kelli went on to tell me about a product that she and her sister-in-law created called Lush Wine Mix. After several emails back and forth – and even a few samples of Lush for me to try out for myself – I knew I had to tell you all about it.

Wine Lush Mix will change your summer. Seriously.

Seriously – this could change your summer.

And it might make you have four kids, but I would like to officially state that I take no responsibility for that.

But I will hold the door open for you should we ever cross paths at the mall. And I’ll tell you that you look pretty even when you have rice cereal matted into your hair and you clearly haven’t slept for years.

Okay – now that we have that over with – let me tell you about my new favorite drink EVER.

Wine Lush Mix Sangria

Have you ever had a wine slushie before? Let me tell you – it’s amazing. And thanks to Kelli and her sister-in-law, we can make them at home!

Here’s how it works – you take a bottle of wine, mix it with a bag of LUSH and then either freeze it overnight OR add it to your blender with ice.

And – BOOM – you have a wine slushie.

Wine Lush Mix is Delicious

Trust me – it tastes as good as it sounds. Maybe even better.

I’m a little obsessed with the Sangria version (made with real freeze-dried fruits for flavors) – but the regular Lush is equally delicious.

And the best part? They’re organic. And only contain three ingredients. So if you care about things like not having chemicals and pesticides in your wine – then you don’t have to worry about drinking Lush. (Unless you don’t want any more kids, and then maybe you should worry.)

Speaking of kids…

You can even mix up a non-alcoholic version with club soda – or with juice for the kiddos. Yes – it’s possible that my kids have been begging for Lush all week. And I give it to them because it’s delicious and free of dyes, chemicals and the other junk that lives in slushies typically given to kids.

It’s also possible that I mixed my Lush with some juice and then froze them into popsicle molds for the most delicious, refreshing homemade popsicle EVER.

Make non-alcoholic popsicles with LUSH!

Yes – I’m winning the Mom of the Year award this summer for sure this year!

Since Kelli and I are basically besties now, she was more than happy to offer you two things today so that you can try out Lush Wine Mix for yourself.

#1 – A DISCOUNT for MLAK readers!

Want to have the best summer of your life?

Have a LUSHious Summer

Click here to buy a 3-pack of Lush for yourself (and maybe to share with a friend) and use coupon code MYLIFEANDLUSH at checkout to save 25%.

Okay – so maybe you won’t be lounging in a hammock on the beach drinking your wine slushie – but trust me when I tell you that it tastes just as great in your backyard or in your neighbor’s yard.


Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win a 3-pack of Wine Lush Mix!

Yes – it’s the ultimate summer slushie giveaway! Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, May 28th. Open to US residents only.

Enter now to win the Ultimate summer slushie giveaway! Winner will be chosen on 5/28. Enter now!

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions and obsessions with Lush are my own.