Can I Get a Do-Over? #CleverDoOver

I’ve shared a lot of less-than-flattering moments on my blog – times when I wish I could hit “rewind” and have a do-over. Do you ever have those moments?

I would have liked a do-over when I let Alice go outside and “call” for her Yia Yia.

Probably should take a do-over on when Simon ate a marker.

Or every time Alice tells me that her
imaginary friend in the bathroom wiped her bottom.

And just recently, I really needed a do-over. I was at the mall, and I ran into a friend of ours that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Since I had last seen her she had given birth to her fourth child. (Yes – FOURTH!).

I was overly excited to see her, and I started talking way too fast. Things were going well, and then I said,

So – what’s it like to have four kids? I heard that it’s a total breeze.

She gave me a blank stare.

Her kids pulled her in one direction, my kids pulled me in another direction.

And I haven’t seen her since.

Can someone please tell me what I was thinking? Really? Four kids is a breeze? WHAT?

I Want a Do Over

I didn’t find it easy when I only had ONE child – and I certainly don’t think it’s a “breeze” to have three kids. Why would I say this to a woman that just gave birth to her fourth child?

He’s not even old enough to be letting her sleep at night. Her older kids are not that old. Her life is probably anything but a breeze right now – yet I implied that someone else with four kids told me how easy it was…

Yup – would love a do over. Would love to give her a hug, ask her if I can take her older kids to shop with me for a few minutes while she sits with the baby and enjoys a Starbucks.

Would love to punch myself in the face on her behalf…

I think I’ll drop off a casserole and an apology instead.

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What are your do-over moments?

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6 comments on “Can I Get a Do-Over? #CleverDoOver

  1. I’ll take 4 little ones over on teen-ager any day of the week…please, please, please. I have PTSD from having teens. I only had two and they were pretty good kids, but there is just an underlying uneasiness about them.
    I just can’t help looking at babies and thinking that some day, this cute baby will be one of THOSE teen things. Then I start breathing hard and the sweat starts to roll down my face…I gotta get away! Quick, to the bat cave! The thought of four children ( I was one of five) gives me the heebies, but the thought of four teens…it’s too much to handle. I know why my Mom drank and took funny pills…But I digress. Some day when this is all a distant memory, I will once again coochie coo a baby but for now I’m avoiding them like the plague.

  2. I had a do over moment yesterday in our Air Force Base Exchange and we were in fact shopping for a new diahwasher! While leaving we walked through the luquor aisle where a lot of people were because of getting ready for the 4thinvites of July parties! My 5 year old said loudly at a an ENTIRE WALL OF MANY DIFFERENT LIQUORS “Look mama…we have almost every one of these bottles at our house!”And Everyone started laughing and i could have died. I am not a big drinker at all but we have lots of military bbq’s and everyone leaves their liquor at my house! My do-over would be to make everyone take their alcohol back!

  3. I had a total do over moment at my husband’s high school reunion–I’ve been obsessing over what I said to this person for weeks now. And I probably will for the rest of my life!

    Oh well, at least my husband loves me, even when I make an idiot out of myself.

    Hilarious post!