Brushing Your Teeth While Eating Oreos…

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and totally agreed!

But then I realized that I’ve never actually brushed my teeth while eating Oreos.

I figured I’d better test the theory…

(Special thanks to Kerry at HouseTalkN for the vlog advice!)

54 comments on “Brushing Your Teeth While Eating Oreos…

  1. Girl -

    You are so freakin’ COOL!!! Loved the faces you were making – the chocolate/cream/toothpaste looked disgusting! My hubby was watching over my shoulder and kept looking at me like – what the H3LL are you watching…and why???

    Keep us laughing!


  2. Loved this! Thanks for taking one for the team and trying this out. You know we were all thinking about it.

  3. I guess there are a lot of things we need to know when we are already a parent and this one is a lesson to all of the parents too..

  4. Okay I was shaking my head un control-ably yelling at you to NOT do this … lol ewwwwww .. yikes.. Im going to throw up lol … lol You so silly !

  5. Bwahahaha! I think the credits are my favorite part!

  6. After watching this a second time with my Olivia (4 yrs old) she says, “Mommy, why don’t we ever buy Oreos?” LOL!

  7. You crack me up! My kids couldn’t believe you actually did it! Thanks for the morning laugh. Have a great day!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my heck I’m dying laughing! I was thinking it would taste like mint Oreo’s (so no big deal, right?), but I was way off. HAHAHAHA Thanks for being the guinea pig for us all! ;) You’re awesome!

  9. Girl, you are brilliant. I am not sure I will ever view oreos the same though. I suppose that could be a good thing. Love your sunglasses and the credits! xoxo

  10. Oh Anna, that’s why we love you! Only you would sacrifice yourself to prove a theory. (I’m sure your assistants were encouraging you along ;) )

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for testing this theory for us!!! Now we know there is some truth behind all those ecards I see on my news feed!

  12. Wow, that looked ten times harder than I imagined it to be. I bow to you. I think I might have thrown up a little bit. I say do it again with Double Stuffed!!

  13. I think you are my favorite person in the whole world.

  14. i’m not sure why i watched that. but it was hilarious. and disgusting. but mostly hilarious. i’m not sure i’ll be able to eat oreos again either. i feel like this might go viral.

  15. you’re too funny! LOVED the fancy jewelry! What a fun mom you are =)

  16. Oh that’s brilliant. I’ve actually watched my 2 year old brushing her teeth while eating a cookie. It was the shortest teeth brushing session ever.

  17. That’s so totally gross, but really funny. I have to say, my kids HAVE brushed their teeth while eating Oreos, so I’m not surprised by your results.

  18. oh my gosh! This is hilarious!! I had tears running down my cheeks watching this, while I was gagging along with you… (so funny too, my daughter texted me this ecard yesterday!) And you are so dang brave to actually swallow!!! I’m impressed! :) Little Bit

  19. Seriously, I wish you were my neighbor! Ha- I’d never get anything done! Thanks for the laugh…Holly :-)

  20. Haha, thats so funny! it really makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing this with us! Love it!

  21. my life would be so boring without you. thanks to Holli for taking one for the team so we can all “enjoy” this!

  22. First of all, I think cleaning the house with anything other than yourself living in it is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos. Second, that video had me rolling. And third, just how much toothpaste did you end up eating?

    • To add–just watched this with my 3 yr. old son. He keeps begging, “again!”, but I’m currently gagging b/c I was trying to eat my morning yogurt, so may have to wait a bit…;)

  23. Flippin hilarious! I especially love the clubbin’ music, pretty sure you just got me in the mood to work out.

  24. My four year old watched this with me and said “she’s being icky” which I’m thankful for instead of her asking for oreos at 8:30am!!

    Love how you were cracking up through the vlog!!!

    Now I really know we can hang out!! LOL

  25. Yup. That looks about right. Thanks for taking one for the team and testing out the theory. The necklaces and sunglasses are a great touch!

    Happy SITS Day!

  26. Absolutely love this. Just yesterday I saw that on Facebook and thought, hmmm I wonder if anyone’s actually done that. Thank you for being the first. This is AWESOME and totally hilarious!

    HAPPY SITS DAY!!! :)

  27. This had me literally laughing out loud! Your experience is exactly what I imagine when I read that saying…thank you for doing this in the name of SCIENCE!

  28. Haha, that was hilarious. Is it weird that I almost want to test that theory out myself, lol

  29. I don’t have a plan of trying to do this one brushing whilst eating Oreo. Hahahahaha. I can’t dare to do it.

  30. Very funny! My son stood next me while I watched this. He said, “that’s disgusting.” Then 30 seconds later: “that’s hilarious!”

  31. I read your blog after reading the shout-out to you on soimarriedacraftblogger. You are hilarious! I can’t wait to keep reading.

  32. I sure hope you like the taste of mint and chocolate together. Gross.
    The most fun part was watching you laugh!

  33. I did just have one of those moments where I went ‘WHAT am I watching?’ but then I was laughing too hard to care, hilarious! (And brave :/)

  34. I loved this!! My five year old was like, “What is she doing?!?!?”

  35. Anne, this may be the funniest blog post we’ve come across that relates to dental care and tooth brushing. Cheers to you for the great sense of humor!