Big Hairy Dog Isn’t So Hairy

Big Hairy Dog

Big Hairy Dog got a hair cut. We’re now just calling him Big Hairy Dog.

In other news, I’m over at Because (I Think) I Can visiting my friend Leanne today.

I’d love for you to stop by and say hi!

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11 thoughts on “Big Hairy Dog Isn’t So Hairy

  1. I’m heading over to visit you at your visiting post in a sec but I just have to say BHD looks VERY dapper with his new ‘do’! In fact, that’s a beautiful family photo! NOTE: Where’d you take BHD for his style? Maybe I’ll make an appointment! My hair is REALLY getting outta control …

  2. Ooh I love Leanne’s blog – going over to visit… I’m guest posting on her blog in July – so exciting.
    Poor Big Dog…. is it mean of me to say I prefer his handsome hairyness?????
    And you are rocking that hairdo.. love it and your necklace Anna

    xx Nat

  3. Gorgeous photo Anna! Did you bribe your kids with bread to get them to sit still for a photo? Must be a good day since Even Steven gets to keep his own body in this one! πŸ™‚

  4. LOVE the family picture! How do you look so great with those 3 little kids? I am a mess. More proof of your fabulousity (sure, that’s a word).

  5. I’m a pretty new follower of your blog and I love it. It makes me feel normal πŸ™‚ Two comments: 1) If that is what you look like tired, you must be totally ravishing when you’re well rested -I wish I looked half as good when I’m tired! 2) Today I clicked over from your FB page and my internet security page blocked it because it was listed as p*rn. teehee. (I think it may be because of the title, but regardless, it made me giggle)

  6. Anna Banana You look so pretty in this picture. Big Hairy dog reminds me of my family-by-love (the family that lives next door to my widowed mom and takes care of her and have since before I as born. They have 2 kids the same sage as my sis and me and we vacation at our cottages tougher at Higgins Lake.) They all had air dales and one as named Harry Dog short for Harrison (our hometown)

  7. When we had a dog, we shaved him. It was awesome. No hair, and he didn’t have that dog smell as bad when he came inside too. Then it grew back *sigh* Great family shot!

  8. maybe you should call him “the canine formerly known as Big Hairy Dog”…I think it worked for Prince…or “the artist formerly know as Prince”. Or you could go the whole Madonna way and just call him by his first name “Big” get over here! Just wondering …did he donate his hair to make wigs for theose ugly hairless rat dogs?

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