A Free eBook: Fun Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions to start with your family

It’s officially the holidays!

And – if you’re anything like me – you love to make the entire season special for yourself and your family! It can be a lot of pressure – but I’m going to help.

Click here to download more than 75 amazing (and simple) holiday traditions to get you through Christmas, Hanukkah and winter in general. (There’s even an entire section on giving back!)

Click here to download your copy now!

And if you’re heading out shopping today, be sure to check out my gift guides for some great ideas!

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16 thoughts on “A Free eBook: Fun Holiday Traditions

  1. I’m glad I found your blog via Pinterest! I tried to sign up a couple of times for your newsletter and e-book, but the link isn’t working. πŸ™
    Help, please!

  2. Sorry Jamie! I just updated the links again, so it should be working. MailChimp requires a double opt-in on their mailing lists. So once you subscribe, you’ll get an email. You have to click on the link they send in the email to officially subscribe.

    Once you do that, you’ll get another email with the download link. Sorry that it has to be so confusing! Let me know if that still isn’t working for you, and I’ll see what I can do!

  3. The subscribe button still doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t seem to load my info. (The info doesn’t “go away.” Name, e-mail and website are just staying in the form fields.)

  4. Just figured out that the subscribe box to the right (where you have ads) works fine, but the main larger one’s “submit” button still isn’t working….

  5. I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor very much Anna. Thank you for the free books, but the subscribe button still isn’t working.

  6. Same thing is happening to me πŸ™ I read Jamie’s post and then tried the one on the right. It seemed to be working but now it’s telling me too many attempts and I have to try again later…. I definitely will though, as I ABSOLUTELY love reading your posts!!

  7. I too had the same problem. The above link wouldn’t work and then I used the one to the side and was told I attempted too many times and would not let me signup. Truly want to sign up, so please let me know. Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Everything should be working now. You can either use the subscription form on the right sidebar OR you can click on the link within the post and a subscription form will pop up.


  9. I already subscribe to your blog. Do I have to do it again? I will, just want to be sure I need to.

    Dear Mom, I give up on your daughter ever writing a book. She’s determined to give it away free. Oh, well. We’ll still love her and continue to follow the blog anyway, won’t we? Dona

  10. OK. I sat down and read it “cover” to “cover”. I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe it! It’s wonderful! Typical you, fun and funny, and every idea is so simple and easy to do. Cudos, girl! You’ve done it again.

    (and I was only kidding….no way am I giving up on you writing a book!)

  11. If you were already a subscriber before November 1st, I’ve sent you an email with the link to download the book. It’s from Anna at My Life and Kids. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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