50 Ways to Have More Fun with Your Baby

If you loved the 25 ways we shared to have more fun with your infant, you will love these 50 ways to have more fun with your baby!

50 ways to have MORE fun with your baby!  You will love these amazing activities for you and your little one!

Mini Kitchen Ingredient Discovery Boxes

1. Mini Kitchen Ingredient Discovery Boxes by Living Montessori Now

Scarf Pull

2. Scarf Pull – Homemade Baby Game by Learners in Bloom

Mess Free Painting in a Bag

3. Mess Free Painting in a Bag by Craftulate

Baby Sensory Tray
4. Baby Sensory Tray by Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Heuristic Play Treasure Box
5. Heuristic Play Treasure Box by Play and Learn Everyday

Pom Poms & Water Bottle Activity
6. Pom Poms & Water Bottle Activity by Mama OT

Ribbon Pull
7. Ribbon Pull by Therapy Fun Zone

Pom Pom Drop Activity
8. Pom Pom Drop Activity by Where Imagination Grows

Ball Pit Ideas & Activities
9. Ball Pit Ideas & Activities by Pink Oatmeal

Tissue Box Play
10. Tissue Box Play by Learn with Play at Home

Painting in a Can

11.  Painting in a Can by Craftulate

Soft Obstacle Course
12. Soft Obstacle Course by Teach Me Mommy

Problem Solving for Baby
13. Problem Solving for Baby by School Time Snippets

Brown Paper Sensory Activity
14. Brown Paper Sensory Activity by Something 2 Offer

Indoor Sandbox Sensory Bin
15. Indoor Sandbox Sensory Bin by Can’t Google Everything

DIY Sensory Balls
16. DIY Sensory Balls by School Time Snippets

Neon Edible Finger Paints
17. Neon Edible Finger Paints by I Heart Arts & Crafts

Sensory Water Bottle
18. Sensory Water Bottle by Play and Learn Everyday

Baby Collage
19. Baby Collage by Laughing Kids Learn

Rat-a-Tat Tins
20. Rat-a-tat Tins by Learn with Play at Home

Mirror Time Matters 21. Mirror Time Matters by Simple. Home. Blessings.

Sticky Window Baby Games with Buttons
22. Sticky Window Baby Games with Buttons by Where Imagination Grows

Spider Web Discovery Basket
23. Spider Web Discovery Basket by The Train Driver’s Wife

Activities with Velcro Rollers
24. Activities with Velcro Rollers by Lalymom

Sensory with Ice
25. Sensory with Ice by The Realistic Mama

Playing with Lids
26. Playing with Lids by Dabbling Momma

Pick up Sticks
27. Pick up Sticks by Powerful Mothering

Early Math Ideas for Baby 28. Early Math Ideas for Baby by B-Inspired Mama

Rolling Ramp Fun
29. Rolling Ramp Fun by Learn with Play Everyday

Play Mat Tunnel
30. Play Mat Tunnel by Bambini Travel

Baby Ball Play
31. Baby Ball Play by Pink Oatmeal

Containers and Loose Parts
32. Containers and Loose Parts by School Time Snippets

Painting with Yogurt
33. Painting with Yogurt by Adventures at Home with Mum

Baby Paper Art Collage
34. Baby Paper Art Collage by Crayon Box Chronicles

Water Tray Play
35. Water Tray Play by Learn with Play at Home

Wooden Blocks in Egg Cartons
36. Wooden Blocks in Egg Cartons by The Train Driver’s Wife

Sink or Float Rings
37. Sink or Float Rings by Bambini Travel

Songs for Babies
38. Songs for Babies by Lets Play Music

DIY Baby Activity Box
39. DIY Baby Activity Box by Danya Banya

Demolition Derby
40. Demolition Derby by Creative Playhouse

Nature Activities for Babies
41. Nature Activities for Babies by Sing Play Dance Learn

Baby at the Park
42. Baby at the Park Activities by Pink Oatmeal

Activity Table Favorites

43. Activity Table Favorites by Pink Oatmeal

Snowflake Drop DIY Baby Toy
44. Snowflake Drop Baby Activity by B-Inspired Mama

Rainbow Spaghetti Play
45. Rainbow Spaghetti Play by The Train Driver’s Wife

Easy Footprints
46. Easy Footprints by The Realistic Mama

Fabric Scraps Treasure Bin
47. Fabric Scraps Treasure Bin by School Time Snippets

Rainbow Finger Bath Paint
48. Rainbow Finger Bath Paint by Frogs, Snails and Puppy Tails

Outdoor Sensory Play for Babies
49. Outdoor Sensory Play for Babies by The Realistic Mama

Baby Play Sensory Crawl
50. Baby Play Sensory Crawl by Dirt & Boogers

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